Payment of Just Consult indicates that these policies and rates have been accepted-


$30/year for domain registrations (.com and.ca)

$75 a year for web hosting (includes SSL Certificate)

Website Design Starts – $599 (includes the first page)

Extra pages- $100 per page

Purchase of stock photos- usually $25 per photo

Prices can be changed anytime without any notice.

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Domain Registration

Domains will be registered on the client’s behalf and managed in the Just Consult profile.

The client is expected to pay Just Consult for domain registration services annually, at least one month before the domain expiry date to ensure continuity.

If the payment for the renewal is not made in time, your domain will expire. All website and related email redirects will stop working once your domain expires.

Customers are encouraged to keep a close eye on their domain name’s renewal date and to confirm that the renewal has been completed. Domain names that have expired are not the responsibility of Just Consult

If accounts are in good standing, Just Consult will allow transferring the Client’s domain elsewhere upon request from the Client.

Web Design

Once the website is live, all of the text and graphics in the finished product belong to the client.

The provision of all site content on time is the client’s responsibility.

During the first 30 days of development on a temporary website, Just Consult will offer unrestricted revisions of the website. Changes are subject to the standard update charges in place at that time after 30 days.

Sending content that needs to be returned or irreplaceable images or documents should not be sent by clients. Just Consult is not liable for content that is submitted.

Web Hosting

Monthly/Quartley/Annual fees for hosting are sometimes prorated in the first year to expire with domain renewals (s).

Search Engine Submission

For the major search engines, your website will be fully optimized.

Even while Just Consult makes every effort to optimize and submit your website to Bing and Google search engines, it assumes no responsibility for the success (or failure) of the client’s website in these external directories.

Web Updates

Just Consult will handle all website changes.

Any extra adjustments after the website has launched will be charged to the client at the rates mentioned above.


Before any work begins, a $299 non-refundable deposit has to be paid.

Full payment is due when billed (at website launch).

You can pay with Interac e-Transfers, cheques,s or cash.

A fee will be assessed on checks that are returned unpaid.

In case of non-payment, Just Consult retains the right to suspend services.

Acceptance of these policies is shown by payment to Just Consult.


It is the client’s duty to make sure that Just Consult’s contact information is accurate for domain registrations and renewals, email links and redirects, and website contact pages.

All content (links, images, text, etc.) submitted for use by the Client must be either legally theirs or be used with their written consent. Each Client is responsible for making sure the content does not violate any copyrights, trademarks, or service marks. Just Consult is not liable for violations of copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property on behalf of clients.

Each Client is responsible for making sure that the registered domain name does not violate any copyright, service mark, or trademark. Just Consult is not liable for any infringements of intellectual property on behalf of clients.

Just Consult disclaims all responsibility for any copyright or trademark infringement resulting from the client’s given text and images.

If the domain expires due to non-payment, Just Consult will not be liable for any losses incurred by the Client.

After launch, Just Consult’s obligation is only restricted to replacing any damaged works.

Just Consult is not liable for any indirect losses brought on by mistakes in the job. Clients are required to look for mistakes.

Just Consult disclaims all liability for any harm that the client may experience because of service interruptions or server delays, including any loss of data.

Just Consult disclaims any liability for the Client’s website’s performance (or lack thereof) in external search directories.


Although every effort is made to ensure that websites work properly in the most popular browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer) at launch, subsequent updates could have an impact on how your website appears. At the regular update rates in effect at that time, Just Consult will make an effort to fix this.

The Client is not allowed to sell Just Consult’s website development or design to other businesses.